How is Oh-So-U different?

Oh-So-U’s commitment is to design a room you will love and that represents you, and to make your entire design experience an enjoyable one. Our approach is personal and you will feel as if you had met us beyond the screens. Our designs are creative and are made with each client’s uniqueness in mind.

Why choose Oh-So-U over a traditional interior designer?

There are several advantages to choosing Oh-So-U over a traditional interior designer:

  • We charge a flat fee that is remarkably more affordable than traditional designers’ fees.
  • No home visit is required.
  • Communication with your designer can be conducted via your mobile phone, your tablet, your computer and whenever it suits you best. Oh-So-U adds convenience and efficiency to your design experience through its technological approach to interior design.

I am not a home owner; I rent. Does a design package still make sense for me?

Yes, it does. As a matter of fact, we may have good solutions to work around restrictions you may have with your rental unit.

What do you need from me once I purchase a design service?

Once you purchase a design service, we will send you our design brief for completion. In the design brief you will be asked questions that will allow us to identify your style, know your preferences, your budget and the functionality of the space that we will be working on. In addition, we will ask you to send us photos and measurements of the room. In the design brief, you will find guidelines for taking room measurements.

How do I trust you’ll understand what I want?

After carefully analyzing your completed design brief, your designer will know your likes and dislikes, your preferences, the needs for your space and other information necessary to serve you just as a traditional interior designer would. You will also have an open channel for communication with your designer throughout the process in order to ensure your complete satisfaction.

If I have existing furniture and/or decor pieces that I would like to integrate into the design, can you work with these pieces?

Definitely, we can incorporate existing furniture or decoration pieces into your design. After all, we want you to love the room and what you have in it. If there are items you would like us to include we ask that you send us pictures of them, as well as their measurements (height, width and depth).

If my budget changes after launching the project, how should I handle it?

Your designer will design your space based on your specific budget. If you need to change the budget, we ask that you let us know as soon as possible so we can adjust the design accordingly.

What happens if I need to put my project on hold?

If you need to put your project on hold just let us know and we will accommodate your necessity. However, please note that if a project remains on hold after one year, it may be considered closed. Reopening a closed project will be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

How long will it take to receive my complete design package?

After we receive the design brief from you, it usually takes about 3 weeks for you to receive the final design package (for the full design service).

On week 1, we will work on the design concept and present it to you with a mood board and recommended furniture arrangement.
On week 2, we will communicate with you to get your feedback and will adjust the design if necessary. We want you to love it! We anticipate one week for this process, however, the turnaround will depend on your feedback time. Once you approve the design concept, we will then work on the finalization of the package.

If I am not satisfied with the design you will present, is it possible to make changes?

Yes, absolutely. We will work with you along the way, taking into consideration your feedback items, and will adjust the design if you would like us to. We want it to be perfect for you!

I would like to purchase each item exactly as they are shown on the final design. Must I purchase them immediately or all at once?

No, you do not have to purchase everything at once. Oh-So-U will provide you with a shopping list containing links to where you can order every single item on the design. And if you wish to make your purchases in different stages, we will gladly recommend which items to purchase first. Bear in mind that all items are available at the time they are recommended, but are subject to the merchants’ availability if you decide to postpone your purchases.

If I have an open floor plan how does the design process work?

Our definition of a “room” is based on the distinct functions of a space. For example, if you have one large open concept space where you would like to create a living area and a dining area, we would define this as two separate room designs: living and dining. If you are unsure of what qualifies as a “room,” please contact us.

What payment methods do you accept?

Oh-So-U accepts major credit cards for its design projects. If you have any difficulty using these payment methods, please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.

Have we answered your questions? If not, please contact us to ask us directly.